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Happenings in 2007 / 2008

Fireball Nationals

GLYC hosted the 2008 Fireball Nationals over the long weekend at the end of April. There was an entry of 7 boats, of which four were local boats and three visitors. The GLYC boats were sailed by Will Moody, Ant Parker, Malcolm Osborne (on Anton's boat) and Hansie von Schutz sailing Will's spare boat. The visitors comprised two from Cape Town and one from Pretoria S.C. 

There was a good breeze from the west on the first day, permitting 4 races to be completed. The team of Will Moody and Ron Paxton had a series of firsts - unbeatable! Unfortunately the wind was lacking on Sunday. Two light wind races were squeezed in.

On Monday, the wind managed to fill in from the south and Race Officer Rod Farrell got four more races in, some of which were windward / leeward, for a total of 10 races. This allowed for two worst races to be discarded. This was to the advantage of Ant Parker, who went off to play golf league on Sunday, missing just 2 races.

Will and Ron were the convincing winners, with Ant & Diane Parker in 2nd place. Visitor Chris Seifert got 3rd place. The `Laser' team of Malcolm Osborne and Ferdinand Holm were in 4th place.

GLYC Closing Cruise

The GLYC sailing season was brought to a close on 20 April with a fun relay race (for the seniors) , followed by the official Closing Cruise. Early rain eased off in time to allow for dry proceedings, but the wind died too. A junior fleet of nearly 20 boats from GLYC and MBYC had two races in the middle of the dam. The relay race comprised a Commodore's team of a GP4 and two Lasers against a similar team sailed by `The Rest'. In the first leg, the tension rose when Dave and Mandy, sailing against each other on GP14's, arrived back to shore simultaneously.  However, in the next legs, `The Rest's' Lasers  were able to open up a lead to finish first.
The combined junior and senior fleets then saluted the Commodore as they sailed past the rescue boat in line astern.
The day was rounded off with a prizegiving to announce the Junior Southern Cape Sailing League winners (first place - Jonathan Rees). Also announced were the overall season winners for the Top Dog Trophy ( Ferdinand Holm) and the Junior Bone (Mila Gould).

GLYC Sailors Do Well

While there wasn't any racing on Island Lake over Easter, several club members competed in away events.

GLYC sailors did exceptionally well in the GP14 National Championships, held at Pennant Nine Yacht Club on Vaal Dam. In a fleet of 14, the new GP14 National Champions are Anthony & Diane Parker! Second place went to the previous national champion and GLYC country member, Richard Parker. Malcolm Osborne was 4th overall and Evelyn Osborne finished in 7th place. Only Ant and Evelyn took their boats up. Richard and Malcolm sailed boats borrowed from PSC. Mark Biagio of PSC was in 3rd place. 6 races were sailed over 3 days, with racing on Saturday morning being interrupted by a Highveld thunderstorm and no wind in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, at Saldanha Bay, David & Rory Laing were winning the W. Cape Mirror Provincial Championships! They had a fierce battle with Cape Town sailor, Fuad Jacobs, swapping 1sts and 2nds. David managed to win the last race to win overall by one point. 11 races were sailed in good wind, strong on Saturday. There was a smaller fleet than usual of Mirrors  - 8 boats. The other GLYC sailor there was Ferdinand Holm, who finished in 12th place in the Laser class of 18 boats.

Woodwise Trophy

Sunday 16th March - very few turned up to sail the last races for the Woodwise Trophy. Some were away with the E.Cape Interschools regatta at Redhouse, others had other excuses!

Just 4 Lasers sailed the two races, in a strong gusty wind. Newcomer Ian Smuts struggled in his first encounter with challenging conditions. Also Bill got into difficulties and could not finish. So it was just up to Alastair and Ferdinand to demonstrate sailing in those conditions.  For the de Klerk Cup, it was just Alma Holm who went out on her Optimist to sail one short race.

At the Inter Schools Regatta, the participation of the S. Cape went a long way in ensuring the success of the event. Young sailors from GLYC, KYC and MBYC represented their schools at this event. There was a very small Primary School Optimist fleet (8 boats) and Milkwood Primary of Mossel Bay who had the strongest team, walked off with the Junior School Trophy. There was a larger Novices fleet of 17 boats. Here, Julian Leggatt of GLYC, sailing his first races finished 3rd for his school (Holy Cross).

Chris Thomas Trophy

The scheduled Race of Champions did not happen - no arrangements for this had been made. Just the races towards the Chris Thomas Trophy were sailed, in a light south easter. Making a welcome return to sailing was Koenie Otto, sailing with Mariaan. Also on the water on a GP14 were Gwydian and Elvira Fausten, trying out Gold Rush. In the first race, Malcolm Osborne was able to establish a lead, followed by Evelyn and Dave Jones (all on Lasers). In the 2nd race, it was Dave who established an uncontested lead. However overall results were calculated using assigned skipper handicaps. The Top Dog calculations gave the day's award of the Top Dog Bone trophy to Evelyn Osborne. In the overall Chris Thomas Trophy results, Evelyn was also the winner, having also sailed the first three races. 2nd place went to Dave Jones, with Dave & Rory Laing in 3rd place.

The junior fleet consisted of 4 Optimists and 2 O-9ers. Jayan Smart was first over the line in both races. However, calculations on skipper handicap gave the Junior Bone Trophy to Jessie Smart again. Sailing well was little Mila Gould, whose favourable handicap puts her in first place in the results.

Match Racing

To fill the gap in the sailing programme caused by the postponement of the ABYC Inter Club (which is now on 26 / 27 April), a match racing competition was set up on 2 March. The Gypsies of the Sailing School were used - no less than 10 were able to be rigged! However, only 7 crews could be rounded up. Those participating were Bill Turner & Mila Gould, Anthony Parker & Jessie Smart, Jonathan Rees & Jayan Smart, Malcolm Osborne & Jake Blumenthal, Diane Parker & Khaya Gould, Evelyn Osborne & Ayla and Dave & Rory Laing.

The competition started off with fleet racing, in order that the sailors could familiarise themselves with these `different' boats.  A series of short windward / leeward races were held in a moderate south-easter, after which it was determined that Malcolm, Dave, Anthony and Diane would go forward to the match racing part of the event. After the first round of match racing, it turned out that Dave and Anthony were at the top of the pile and would sail a best of three final. Diane and Malcolm elected to sail a `sudden death' race to determine 3rd / 4th. This was won by Malcolm & Jake, thus securing 3rd place. The seasoned team of Dave & Rory were able to stay ahead of Anthony & Jessie for 2 races, thus taking the day's match racing title.

Thanks to Dave Jones for organising this event, and to Rod and Thelma for running the match racing bridge, also to Bill and Ferdinand for umpiring during the match racing and to Evelyn for providing the Gypsies.

Sotheby's Trophy

Racing was back at Island Lake after the excursion to KYC. Unfortunately the wind was very light.  In the first race, there was an unexpcted outcome, when the front set of boats (who hadn't read the notice board) did an extra triangle! This permitted Dave Jones, sailing his brand new Laser, to achieve line honours, ahead of Ferdinand Holm. First on handicap however was Dave & Rory Laing (Mirror). Everyone knew the course for Race 2 - here Malcolm was first over the line, ahead of Bill Turner. On portsmouth handicap, it turned out that Malcolm & Dave had equal corrected times, thus shared the overall win.

In the 5 boat Optimist fleet, Michael Scott was the winner of the first race, ahead of Jessie & Jayan Smart. In the 2nd race, Jayan was the winner, ahead of Jessie and Jake Blumenthal.

Knysna Yacht Club Inter Club Regatta

Several GLYC juniors and seniors travelled across to KYC last weekend to compete for that club's annual Inter Club Regatta. Also there were several participants from PE - Redhouse and Algoa Bay. Racing took place in a moderate south-easter. Courses were of the standard Olympic variety. The first race was quite long, with the first reach going over a sandbank which was alarmingly shallow. Subsequent races were shortened, also to avoid this obstacle. Four races were held on Saturday. These races were at and after high tide, so did have too much affect on the sailing. However two races held in similar wind on Sunday morning were on an incoming tide. This forced sailors to short tack on the edges of the channel to avoid being washed back. A last `fun' race was held after lunch - a long distance race, with the weather mark off Featherbed.

With the Mirror of Dave and Rory Laing doing well as usual on handicap, supported by the Lasers of Alastair, Malcolm, Ferdinand, Bill and Evelyn and Dave Jones on GP14, GLYC fancied their chances good in winning this event. Redhouse and ABYC were strong at the front of hte fleet. However at the prizegiving it was announced that the ABYC entrants (notably Rob (Finn) & Justin (Laser) Onvlee) had changed clubs and were now sailing for Redhouse! This strengthened the Redhouse team a lot, to give them the overall win. KYC were given 2nd place, with GLYC third. Justin Onvlee was first overall, with Dave & Rory Laing in second spot. Alastair Fraser was the next GLYC boat, in 5th place. Jacek Orzechowski (Finn) and Cundell & Peter Statt (Mirror) were KYC's top sailors in 6th & 7th places respectively.

There was a good junior fleet, divided into an 11 boat A fleet and a (novice) B fleet. Especially the A fleet learnt a lot about sailing in a tide and general boat handling. Rob Holden was on hand to assist with on-the- water coaching. At the front of the A fleet were Jonathan Rees and Jayan Smart, behind Joshua Woolard (RYC) and KYC's Bradley Clack.

This weekend sees sailing back at GLYC - for the Sotheby's Trophy. Note that there will not be lunch provided - Mathilda is involved in a family funeral.

Commodores Trophy / Club Championships

This Sunday saw the final races for the Commodore's Cup as well as for the Club Championships. The latter series took last Sunday's races as well as this day's races to count.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much wind to make racing very exciting. OOD Malcolm Osborne started the 1st race late, but was able to overtake everyone in front to finish 1st. However the best performance came from Dave Laing (Mirror), finishing 2nd and easily coming out on top on handicap. A 2nd race was held after tea, with even less boats sailing. Once again it was Osborne 1st, followed this time by Bill Turner. Once again, it was Dave & Rory Laing who could maintain the best relative boatspeed in these conditions, taking 1st on corrected time. Overall in the Commodores Cup series, it was Malcolm Osborne finishing in first place, with the GP14 team of Dave & Fay Jones in 2nd place. 3rd place went to the other GP14 team of Evelyn Osborne & Diane Parker. The Top Dog award for the day went to the Laing team of David and Rory. 

For the Club Championships series, it was unfortunate that last week's leader, Deryk Eckersley wasn't there to defend his lead. This allowed the Mirror team of Dave & Rory Laing to take 1st place, followed by Malcolm Osborne, Eckersley dropping back to 3rd.

The junior division had a good fleet of 5 Optimists and O-9ers sailing. While Jonathan Rees won both races of the day, a trophy resurrected by Dave Jones - the Junior Bone - was awarded to Jessie Smart, for best personal performance.

There is no racing at GLYC next Sunday - its the Knysna Yacht Club Inter Club regatta!

Ma Wyatt Trophy

The final races for the Ma Wyatt Trophy coincided with a passing cold front, producing a strong south westerly wind. There was a strong wind in the morning, which died off before lunchtime, giving the impression that heavy wind sailing was past. However, the wind picked up when racing was due to start. Three races were completed in this strong wind, despite numerous capsizes and the withdrawal from racing by several sailors. Three Optimists went out, but also could not handle the conditions. In the first race, sailed in a strong, gusty wind, the two Fireballs sailed by Moody / Paxton and van Kersen / Verhagen soon left the rest of the fleet behind, chased by Alastair Fraser (Laser). Bill Turner broke his mast and had to retire. Even Ant & Di Parker capsized their GP14 and did not finish the race. Will Moody finished this short race in 14 minutes to win on handicap. The Mirror of David Laing & little Mila Gould were in 2nd place on corrected time. A break for tea was called to allow the wind to settle. Then the reduced fleet went out to sail two more races, also in a strong wind. The 2nd race was won (on elapsed time) by Alastair Fraser, when both Fireballs spent some time over in the water. On corrected time, it was the Sonnet of Deryk & Barbara Eckersley who were able to keep their boat upright in this race, which permitted them to get first on corrected time, followed by Alastair. In the third race, it was Will Moody, who succeeded in keeping it up, to get first over the line. However, once again, it was the Eckersley Sonnet who revelled in the conditions to get first once again, on corrected time. This performance gained them the `Top Dog' Bone for overall performance on the day. This trophy was presented at the post-sailing braai.

In the overall Ma Wyatt Trophy results, with 6 races sailed, it was only David Laing and Malcolm Osborne who were able to sail all the races. David Laing is the winner of this year's Ma Wyatt Trophy.

Kim Cup Finals

In order to accommodate GLYC's `raid' to MBYC, the scheduled Commodore's Trophy races were postponed. The seniors (a Mirror and 3 Lasers) who traveled to Mossel Bay sailed 3 races (together with some MBYC sailors) and their results were taken for the Kim Cup series. 3 races were sailed (on the sea!) in light, misty conditions. The wind picked up a bit for the last race, to provide more of a taste of sea sailing. While Malcolm Osborne (Laser) was first over the line in all 3 races, application of inter-class Portsmouth handicaps gave all the wins to David & Rory Laing on their Mirror. But then GLYC's skipper handicaps were applied. This resulted in Ferdinand Holm winning races 1 and 3, with Dave remaining in the lead for race 2.
Overall in the Kim Cup standings, Dave & Rory Laing are the winners of this trophy.

The main reason for sailing at Mossel Bay was to give GLYC's youngsters the experience of sailing on moving water! MBYC have come to GLYC on several occasions, so it was our turn to go there. Six of our young sailors braved the sea a short way out from the clubhouse and adjacent beach. The offshore wind counteracted the incoming swells, so conditions weren't extreme. GLYC's star, Jonathan Rees, came up against MBYC's Farnham brothers, as well as Moya Moorcroft, but acquitted himself very well in these new conditions. Also Jayan Smart picked up the techniques to improve steadily.

To record the joint sailing between the youngsters of these clubs, a set of results comprising races sailed at this event as well as the New Year Regatta and another training event at GLYC was produced. This reflects that Jonathan Rees is the clear leader after 16 races (3 discards), ahead of MBYC's Marcus Farnham and Sean Farnham. Moya Moorcroft is in 4th place. The next GLYC sailor is Jayan Smart in 8th place This shows that MBYC have a very competent group of young sailors! These results are on the Results page of this website, or click here

The next big away event for both senior and junior sailors is the Knysna Yacht Club InterClub Regatta, scheduled for 16 and 17 February, 2008. Lets see if we can wrest this trophy away from the home club?

Presidents Cup Finale

The final races counting towards the Presidents Cup Trophy were sailed on the 20th January. Unfortunately, there was not much wind to make the series close with a bang! Racing was delayed, waiting for some wind to develop. Eventually, Rod decided that there was enough from the south for a race to be completed. At tea time, there was consensus to go out again for a second race.

In the first race, the Lasers of Malcolm and Ferdinand crossed the finish line in that sequence, followed by the GP14 of Dave Jones. However, on corrected time, Dave came up to second place. This race was notable for the appearance of Nick Beech on his Hobie 16 on the race course - trying out the intricacies of triangles and a sausage! There was also a good fleet of 7 Optimists and O-9ers from the George Lakes Sailing School, many of whom were experiencing their first `big' race. The light conditions proved a good test of concentration, with frequent verbal proddings from Evelyn on the following rescue boat. Jonathan Rees, true to form, was up ahead, followed by Jayan Smart and Khaya Gould.

Just 5 boats sailed the last race. Two Lasers were once again up front, but this time, it was Malcolm with Bill Turner close behind. Dave Jones was once again 2nd on handicap. Des Herron & Derek Clark (GP14) had a better race to get 4th overall, behind Bill.

In the overall Presidents Cup series, Malcolm Osborne had a clear lead to win overall, followed by Dave & Fay Jones and Alastair Fraser.

The busy weekend at GLYC commenced on Saturday, with the club hosting the annual SWD Development Camp. 30 youngsters from Thembalethu were introduced to sailing, swimming, paddling, knots, first aid  and camping. They stayed over on Saturday evening. Further activities continued on Sunday morning before their bus arrived at midday to take them back home. Many thanks to Pamela Metelerkamp and her team of helpers for making the event a success.

There will not be any formal racing at GLYC next Sunday. The active sailors are all going to sail at Mossel Bay. Races there will count towards the Kim Cup. The scheduled racing for the Commodores Trophy will now take place on 10 February.

Millenium Trophy

Three races for this trophy were sailed on the 13th January. As the first day of this series (in October) was not sailed due to inclement weather, the trophy was decided by the sailing on this (2nd) day. One again, cool, overcast conditions greeted the sailors. Light rain also fell during the afternoon. However this did not deter the sailors - there was a good wind coming in from the east (and the water was warm!) The conditions were a bit wet by tea time, and only 4 boats started the last race.

Anthony Parker had retrieved  his Fireball from storage to lead the racing, but did not do well on handicap. Malcolm Osborne led the Lasers, followed by Ferdinand Holm. However, on handicap, it was the Sonnet of Deryck & Barbara Eckersley who reigned supreme - winning all three races.

There were three Optimists sailing. However it was only the more experienced Jonathan Rees who completed races 1 and 2. Alma Holm was out on her newly acquired Optimist, as was the Jones grand daughter Emma Black, but both found the conditions a bit arduous.

A Mirror training course was held on Thursday, attended by junior members of GLYC and Mossel Bay YC.  Those more used to sailing by themselves were introduced into the art of sailing teamwork as well as the intricacies of flying a spinnaker. Friday saw more Optimist trainiing, for both novice and intermediate levels.

Realty Homenet Trophy Series

The final set of three races for this trophy was sailed on 6 January 2008. Races took place in a shifty S/W that was lighter than expected. In the first race, the front of the fleet was contested between Malcolm on Laser and Team Parker on GP14. The Laser was able to get ahead to finish a minute in front, but class handicaps gave the overall lead to the GP14. Dave Laing / Emma Black (Mirror) also performed well on handicap to finish 2nd overall, pushing the Lasers down the fleet. In the second race, conditions were slightly lighter and the GP14 (Parker) was able to keep ahead of the Lasers to the finish. Handicaps again gave the overall win to to the leading GP14, ahead of the Mirror. Anthony didn't sail the last race, which permitted a bunch of Lasers to finish  ahead of the leading GP14 of Dave & Fay Jones. The handicap winner was now Laing / Black (Mirror), ahead of Malcolm Osborne and newcomer Ferdinand Holm.

Making a welcome return to sailing (despite much advice to stay on shore) was GLYC's veteran, Bill Turner, who recently had a knee replacement operation.

Also sailing all three races were the two Optimists of Michael Scott and Jonathan Rees. Jonathan was first in all 3 races.

In the overall Realty Homenet Trophy Series of six races (one discard), the clear overall winner is the team of Anthony & Diane Parker, who achieved 5 first places. Malcolm Osborne is in 2nd place, with Dave & Fay Jones in 3rd place.

Sotheby's New Year Regatta 2008

The traditional George Lakes Yacht Club New Regatta went off successfully, despite the club being flooded recently. Hard work by the members to clean things up got the premises nearly back to normal - even more rain over Christmas raised the water level again, to leave it over the jetty for the weekend. The success of the event was also aided by sponsorship from Sotheby's International Realty, so if you are selling or buying in this area, speak to them first!

There was a good entry of 36 boats, with visitors from the W. Cape, E. Cape, Gauteng, Botswana and Namibia. There was also a fleet of juniors visiting from Mossel Bay, with a comment that their home waters are over run by jet skis at this time of year!

This event was also the S. Cape Championships for classes which had 10 or more boats sailing. As it happened, only the Optimist class made this criteria.

As per forecast, a strong south easter blew on Saturday. Race Officer Rod Farrell set the fleet off on no less that 5 races for the seniors and four for the juniors that day. The wind subsided on Sunday, turning misty and came in from the S/W. One race was completed in the morning before it died completely. After an extended lunch break, one further race was held in the afternoon. Similar conditions prevailed on Monday. The wind picked up at lunch time, permitting three further races to be completed. There was thus a total of 10 senior races and 9 junior races over the 3 days.

In the GP14 fleet of 7 boats, the winner was the team of Anthony and Diane Parker. Their main competition came from National Champions Richard Parker & Dave Hawkins. However they missed some races, which dropped them down the fleet. Second place went to Wouter Langhout & Candice Waldeck.

The Laser class also had a fleet of (only!) 7 boats. This class was won by Malcolm Osborne, who won all the races, bar three on Saturday afternoon, when Alastair Fraser made a cameo appearance to win those. 2nd was Sandy Joseph, with Ferdinand Holm 3rd.

The Optimist class had a good fleet of 12 boats, with GLYC's Jonathan Rees dominating and getting first overall. He was awarded a S. Cape Championships medal for his efforts. Second place went to MBYC's Marcus Farnham, with brother Sean in third place.

Bell / Langvlei & Israelson Trophy Races

The first race of the day was for the Bell / Langvlei Trophy. Race Officer Malcolm Osborne set an Olympic course in a moderate south-wester. Anthony Parker was making a come back to sailing in his GP14 and slotted into his normal position at the front of the fleet. He was able to get ahead of Anton (Laser) to finish first. Application of Portsmouth handicaps reveal that he was also able to be ahead of the Mirror of Dave & Rory Laing, who were 2nd on handicap. Similar conditions prevailed for the 2nd race, however the wind tended to veer to the west . In this race, Anton was able to stay ahead of the GP14's to be first over the line. On Portsmouth handicap, team Parker was again 1st, with team  Laing 2nd. However, application of skipper handicaps (for this race) provided a further mix to the pot, bringing Sandy Witteveen (Laser Radial) to the front, ahead of Anton, with team Parker 3rd and team Jones (GP14) 4th.

It had started to rain and at tea it was voted not to sail further - the wind was dying.

This coming weekend at GLYC is the staging of the annual New Year Regatta, sponsored by Sothebys. It starts on Saturday (1st Race 12:00) , continuing on Sunday and Monday. For the Notice of Regatta, click here

Chris Thomas Trophy

The first day of this series took place on a rather damp day - the `die-hards' who turned up weren't really expecting to sail, but it turned out that the morning rain was clearing up (over Island lake, anyway), there was a breeze, so the vote was to sail!

The fleet consisted of 3 Lasers, a Mirror and a GP14 (sailed single handed). In the first race, Evelyn (sailing Laser this time) pursued husband Malcolm round the course. Newcomer Ferdinand capsized on a jibe, fell back to last, but caught up well. Dave Jones was in there on his GP14, but was perhaps a bit light to keep the GP powered up sufficiently to be in contention. Malcolm was first over the line, but application of class handicap gave the overall win to Dave & Rory Laing (Mirror) - over a minute ahead on corrected time. Proceedings were similar in race 2, except that Evelyn was a closer second. The Mirror fell foul of a windless hole at the weather mark, resulting in a fall back to 3rd on corrected time.

A slight shower of rain at tea time threatened to bring an early close to racing, but the vote was to sail, and the rain cleared anyway. This time, there was a close tussle between Evelyn and Malcolm for first place. Evelyn got ahead down the run to take the lead to the finish. However, once again it was Dave and Rory up front on handicap. Dave Laing is the overall leader in the series, which continues in  March, 2008.

Commodores Cup - The Saga Continues

Two further races were held in the Commodores Cup series of races. It was the intention to have a third, but the wind died at tea time. However, there was a fair wind for the two races -from the SE, with the odd veer to the west.

In the first race, the Laser of Vaatjie Faure and the GP14 of Evelyn Osborne were first at the weather mark after the start, with Hans Hefer not far behind. Malcolm Osborne (Laser) recovered from a bad first beat to take the lead to the end. Evelyn was 2nd over the line, followed by Sandy Witteveen (Laser), but on handicap, Dave & Rory Laing (Mirror) succeeded in getting 1st overall, Evelyn & Diane 2nd and Malcolm 3rd. In the 2nd race, Evelyn led from start to finish. Sandy was 2nd most of the race, but let Malcolm through at the last mark. Overall, application of handicaps gave Dave and Evelyn equal corrected times, so they shared first place. Malcolm got 3rd place. After 5 races, Malcolm is leading the series, with Evelyn & Diane in second place.

There was also a promising fleet of four Optimists battling it out on the big water of Island Lake, also having to contend with the big boats of the senior fleet. The `regulars' - Jonathan and Michael - were joined by Jayan and Moya. They sailed a shorter version of the Olympic course - a triangle and sausage.  Their previous experience in these races allowed Jonathan and Michael to get 1st & 2nd (resp.) in both races, with Jayan and Moya alternating between 3rd & 4th. Overall, the series leader remains Jonathan Rees, with Michael Scott 2nd.

More Races for the Presidents Trophy

Club sailing got under way at GLYC after the recovery from the big floods of 2007, which were even higher than those of last year! Thanks to preparations before the flood hit and the efforts of many members on Saturday, the boats were OK and the club grounds were in a fit state for activities to resume. The water level was still higher than normal, but there was enough room to be able to rig boats.

Race Officer Rod Farrell set four races on a short course. The wind was initially light southerly, but shifted to the west and picked up in strength - as per forecast. In the first race, the mother / daughter team of Evelyn & Diane (GP14) picked the shifts correctly to get first over the line, even beating Alistair (Laser). In the subsequent races, the races were led by the Lasers of Alistair and Malcolm, with the latter managing to be ahead at the finish. However, in race 2, the GP14 of Evelyn succeeded in being first on handicap. In the stronger wind in the final race, the Sonnet of Deryck Eckersley performed better as usual and finished in 3rd place. Malcolm Osborne is the current points leader in the Presidents Trophy series of races, with a 3rd day of sailing in this series scheduled for January. 

Floods Hit GLYC

GLYC did not escape the wide spread flooding that hit the S. Cape recently. However, from the experience gained from last year's flood, precautionary measures helped to prevent much damage to member's boats, even though the water rose even higher than last year.

The access road also flooded, hindering vehicular access to the club (only a big 4w drive vehicle could make it). This was the main reason in the postponement of the Club Championships event scheduled for 23 / 24 November. There will also be no club racing on 24 November. Hopefully, the water will have subsided by next weekend so that sailing activities can resume.

Working out how to refloat the beached committee boat Looking towards the entrance from the club house Looking to the east from the club house

WoodWise Trophy

Sunday 18 November was a busy day at GLYC. Apart from normal club sailing, a special interclub junior training day took place. The small GLYC novice junior fleet was boosted by a larger similar contingent from Mossel Bay. They did racing on a small course, with coaching by Will Moody. They all learnt lots about the intricacies of boat handling and tactics. It is the intention to hold similar sessions at Mossel Bay and at Knysna in the future. Our Jonathan Rees was once again the star, being out in front in all the races.

Meanwhile, out on the big course, the senior boats competed for the Woodwise Trophy. Lasers were once again the largest component, with 8 boats. A highlight in the Lasers was the appearance of a brand new Laser on Island Lake, sailed by new member, Ferdinand Holm - welcome to the fleet! Two GP14's sailed by the two Dave's (Jones & Laing) fought it out amongst themselves, with DL being hampering by rigging problems. In the 3 Sonnets, Deryck Eckersley was giving the Lasers serious competion, and finished the series of three races in 3rd place overall. Despite winning the first two races, a bad 3rd race put Malcolm Osborne down to 2nd. Consistent good sailing in races 1 and 2 and a brilliant first place in race 3 gives our veteran Laser sailor Bill Turner first place overall going forward to the continuation of this series in March, 2008.

During the usual post-sailing braai, some brilliant sunset lighting effects were seen, against the backdrop of dark  clouds to the north.

Commodore's Trophy

There was a light southerly initially today and a figure of eight course was laid to suit. However the forecast strengthening switch to the west occurred during the 2nd race. This required a revision of the course, using the existing marks.

In the Laser class, Albert van Kersen was able to sail his first races of the season and resumed at the front of the fleet. However, in the first race, it was Malcolm Osborne who was able to use the wind switches to get ahead and Dave Jones was able to finish close enough in his GP14 to claim 2nd place on handicap. Albert was able to get ahead from the start of the 2nd race and finish first, ahead of Malcolm. In the 3rd race, Deryk Eckersley sailing single handed on his Sonnet was up with the Lasers in the stronger wind and the Sonnet's handicap put him in first place in that race - Malcolm 2nd and Albert 3rd.

The juniors comprised Dillon van Kersen on Dabchick as well the regulars on Optimist - Michael Scott and Jonathan Rees. Jonathan was able to finish close enough to the Dabchick to be able to win races 1 and 2 on handicap. However he was called to be over the start line at the start of race 3. Michael encountered rigging failure in that race, thus Dillon was the sole junior to score in that race.

Presidents Trophy

Racing this Sunday was organised by Race Officer Gordon Rivas, who set the Olympic Course in a light South Easter - 5 to 10 knots. Lasers were once again the largest class. Some of the regulars in other classes had commitments away from the club. The Lasers had close competition in both races. However in the first race, Malcolm Osborne used the slight wind shifts to best advantage to be able to open up a good lead towards the end of the race. In the 2nd race, it was Alastair Fraser who was able to establish a slight lead and hold it against the attentions of Malcolm. The absence of the Mirror, GP14 and Sonnet hotshots allowed the Lasers to take the top positions in the overall handicap standings. Alastair and Malcolm both scored a 1st and a 2nd, thus are equal on points going forward.

There was an Optimist and a Mirror sailing a shorter course in a junior fleet. While the Mirror, sailed by Dane Lotter, was understandably ahead in both races, handicap time correction gave both races to the Optimist, sailed by Jonathan Rees.

At the tea break, it was apparent that the wind was fading out and being after 16:00, it was decided not to sail the scheduled 3rd race.


There was lovely sailing in a fresh SE, 10 - 15 knots! There was a good turnout, especially in the Laser fleet, which had 8 boats.

Racing was closest in the Lasers, with the top bunch dicing each other around the course in all 3 races. The strong winds were to the advantage of Alistair Fraser, who was 1st over the line in all 3 races. However, application of inter - class handicaps gave corrected time advantage to the Mirror of Dave & Rory Laing, who won races 1 & 2. Dereyk & Barbara Eckersley  on their Sonnet were 2nd in these races and succeeded in tying for 1st place in race 3 with Dave Laing.

The juniors were sailing for the York Cup. Once again, there was a poor turnout. Only 2 Optimists sailed, of which one finished the courses. This plucky lad was Jonathan Rees, who takes a good points lead towards this trophy.

The weekend started on a busy note , with a FET training course ( Life Orientation) held for Grade 10 learners from Glenwood High. They camped at the club on Friday and Saturday nights. A group of 16 learnt all about knots, tacking , gybing and how to steer a dinghy around a course. They also had to show that they were able to float (with lifejacket) and be able to be held under the water for 5 seconds.

2007 GLYC Inter Club Regatta

Better than expected wind conditions favoured a successful event - on Saturday, a forecast strong south easter was much more manageable than predicted and on Sunday, expected light wind turned out to be a strong, gusty south wester!

Combined with a turnout of 26 boats in the main fleet, 5 Optimists and nine in a novices fleet, the conditions could be described as ideal. Four races were held on Saturday, finishing in time for a braai and the watching of the Rugby World Cup Final in the clubhouse on a large screen (thanks, Ant!). Then on Sunday, three further races were held before lunch. Then the exhausted sailors agreed that an earlier finishing time was necessary.

In the main fleet, the visiting KYC sailors David Shilton (Laser) and Philip Bendon (Laser 4.7) proved to be consistently the best on handicap, ahead of GLYC's Ant & Di Parker (GP14) and Dave and Rory Laing (Mirror). However in the overall team standings, GLYC triumphed to retain the Inter Club Trophy. Whereas the Knysna visitors clinched 1st and 2nd, they did not have much other support, allowing GLYC to take the other positions (top 6 per club) and to pull ahead overall. ABYC had only one entrant in this fleet.

In the Optimist fleet, KYC's Rosey Finn was unchallenged, winning all races, but ABYC took the Team Trophy, as KYC did not have any other Optimists to support Rosey.

The novices fleet had a pleasing entry from 5 clubs. Knysna's Peter Bendon won overall, followed by GLYC's Jonathan Rees and Patrick Butler from Redhouse Y.C.

Ma Wyatt Trophy

The day's racing was characterised by very shifty wind conditions, with variations from the east to the west, making frequent course changes necessary.

The course for the first race was set for a westerly wind. However, there was then a shift to the south west, resulting in a soldiers course. At the start, it was only Dave Laing (Mirror) and Malcolm Osborne (Laser) who picked the favoured pin end of the line, to be able to start with a clear lead. When Malcolm parked in a hole, Anton came through to lead. Race Officer Rod Farrell shortened course.

Race 2 was set in a SE wind. Anton picked a good shift soon after the start to establish a good lead, chased by Malcolm, Evelyn Osborne (GP14) and Bill Turner (Laser). Malcolm fell prey to yet another hole to be caught by both Bill and Evelyn. Bill held on to finish 2nd over the line. However, on handicap, it was the Mirror of Dave & Rory Laing who performed best in these condition to score 1st place.

Race 3 was set in a fresh SW wind. The Lasers of Anton and Malcolm were up front, having a close race all around the course. This time it was Malcolm's turn to score a line honours win. Once again, it was the Mirror that was 1st on handicap.

Two Optimists were also sailing their own series of races for the Farrell Trophy. The two keen youngsters were Jonathan Rees and Michael Scott. In race one and two, it was Jonathan who was first. However, in race three it was Michael who got ahead in the stronger wind to score a first place - and neither capsized!

Thanks to the hard work of Sandy and Frank Witteveen, our Committee Boat is back in service after an extensive re-furbishment. Modifications now allow easier access to the bow for anchoring and judging.

Millenium Trophy (not!)

With the inclement weather over the S. Cape last Sunday ( cold, raining buckets full!) a few stalwarts nevertheless came along to the club, had lunch (Mathilda's usual delicious fare), then decided they did not really wish to rig, sail, then de-rig whilst cold and sopping wet!

A collective decision was to go home and watch World Cup Rugby in a much warmer environment.

Good news is that our Rescue Boat is back! It has been re-pontooned. Previously, it had to be repaired several times due to leaking pontoon seams. It was thus unreliable - when required, it invariably could not be launched due to having a major leak.

Forthcoming Attractions:

Next Sunday - Ma Wyatt Trophy Series (senior) and Farrell Trophy Series (junior)

20 / 21 October - GLYC Interclub Regatta - all sailors are urged to participate!

Realty Homenet Trophy Series

The first three races of the Realty Homenet Series Trophy was held on 30 September. This series continues and finishes on 6 January, so be sure to be back for that day!

A good wind from the southeast prevailed, getting stronger in race 3. In race 1, there was a fight up front between Anton Verhagen and Malcolm Osborne in Lasers and Ant Parker in GP14.In that wind, the GP14 was able to stay with the Lasers and a better use of a wind shift allowed Ant to get ahead and to win over the line. The GP14's favourable handicap then put his corrected time even further ahead! In race 2, the Lasers were able to pull slightly ahead to finish ahead. Ant finished 3rd, but had a scare when Dave Laing caught right up on the line. Application of handicaps gave this race also to the GP14's. The even stronger wind of race 3 (and some start line confusion) allowed the Lasers to pull even further ahead of the GP14's, but corrected time still put Ant in first place. Malcolm and Anton were 1st & 2nd over the line, but dropped back to 2nd / 3rd. The stronger wind was also more favourable for the Sonnet of Deryck Eckersley, who was 4th on corrected time. This race was also notable for the `half  capsize' of Mark Taljard and the `full' capsize by Evelyn Osborne - both GP14's recording DNFs as a result.

The juniors were sailing for the Tom's Tavern Trophy. Here, Jonathan Rees and Michael Scott were sailing for the first time in a race in Optimists. For novices, they did incredibly well, sailing and finishing all 3 races! Michael won the first two races and Jonathan got ahead in the 3rd race, thus Michael is leading this series with four points against the 5 points for Jonathan.

The next major event at GLYC is the Interclub Regatta, where GLYC will be competing against members of Knysna, Algoa Bay and other E. Cape clubs. This event takes place on 20 / 21 October, 2007.

2007 Eastern Cape Provincial Championships

This event was held once again on Swartvlei Lagoon. It was organised by Knysna Yacht Club, with assistance from GLYC. Sedgefield Spar was the principal sponsor.

The event was well supported, with a good entry from Cape boats and also some from the E. Cape (ABYC, Rhodes University, Redhouse). 

The wind was light on Saturday, but very strong at times on Sunday, when it got rather damp and cold. On Monday the weather cleared, but there was still a good wind from the west, but veering to the north and south to make things tricky for the competitors.

Winners in the Mirror class with SANParks rep Quinton Vaughan

GLYC had its best results in the Mirror class, where Dave & Rory Laing won this section, with Evelyn Osborne & Jonathan Rees giving Dave some good competition to get second overall. Other GLYC entrants were Mandy Laing (Mirror), Bill Turner & Malcolm Osborne (Laser), Dave & Fay Jones (GP14) and Will & Anne Moody (Fireball). 

The full results are in the Racing Results section - click on the appropriate button at the top of the page

Frostbite Series Finale

Two races in light wind were held on 17 September to complete the Frostbite series of races. The fleet was boosted by Bill Turner on his Laser and young Dale Eckersley also sailed the last  race on a Laser. Unfortunately some of last week's entrants weren't there this time - Dave Jones was the sole GP14. The Mirror's, practicing for their E. Cape Provincials campaign were out and mixing it with the Sonnet of Deryk Eckersley - these were Dave Laing, Mandy Laing and Evelyn Osborne.

In the first race of the  day, there was close racing between the Lasers, with Mark Dee leading the whole race until the final beat, when Malcolm Osborne slipped thru'. However it was Dave Laing who performed the best on handicap in this race, getting a first.

In the overall series results, Dave and Malcolm tied on points for first place. However the tiebreak system gave this position to Malcolm on the basis of two firsts to one.

Go to the Racing Results link at the top of this page to see the detailed results.

First Racing Day - Verhagen Trophy & Frostbite Series

The club's racing season got under way on the 9th September with the sailing of the one race Verhagen Trophy (held over from the previous Sunday) as well as two races in September's Frostbite Series. The wind was rather light and switchy, from the general direction of South.

Line honours in the Verhagen Trophy race was (appropriately) won by Anton Verhagen (Laser). However, on handicap first place was taken by Deryk & Barbara Eckersley (Sonnet). Malcolm Osborne was first over the line in the 2nd race (Frostbite Series race 1) and Mark Dee was first over the line in the 3rd race (Frostbite Series race 2), thus sharing line honours evenly between the 3 Lasers sailing.

Go to the Racing Results link at the top of this page to see the detailed results.

GLYC Opening Cruise and Open Day

The new sailing season was started with the Opening Cruise on 2 September. Unfortunately this day started off a bit damp, which was a disincentive to attendance, but the regulars were there nevertheless! Also there were a bunch of keen youngsters doing sail training on Mirrors.
The weather cleared in the afternoon, but unfortunately so did the wind and it was not possible to hold the scheduled race.
A Centenary flag received from ISAF was flown prominently to mark 100 years of sailing under the auspices of (initially) IYRU, now International Sailing Federation.


Sailing School Container Arrives

A 12m container, sponsored by Bosun Brick,  was delivered to the club on Saturday, 28 July. It will be used to store equipment and material for the Sailing School. The site had been pre - prepared. However, the truck was a side lifter and could not position the container into its final position. Hence it was further forward than planned. Then a crane had to be organised to push it back to its final position. As part of the sponsorship conditions, advertising will be displayed on the container.

Annual General Meeting

The 53rd George Lakes Yacht Club Annual General Meeting was held on the 10th June, 2007 at 11:00.

Commodore David Laing reported on a drop in sailing activity, from about 25 boats on a Sunday in previous years, down to about 6 currently.  The flood early in the season had proved to be a drain on finances, only partially offset by an insurance payout. He hoped that the new sailing training being conducted at the club would bring about more younger members, to replace the loss of older persons and loss due to emigration.

Neil Metelerkamp, secretary of South Cape Sailing, presented the club with a cheque for R10 000, to be used for development projects.

The new executive committee of GLYC, following the election, is as follows:

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